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Mount Hope Cemetery         Peru, Indiana  



411 Grant Street, Peru, Indiana  -     765-472-2493

Hours Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm (closed noon to 1pm)  Saturday by appointment    


 Email us at:  beverly@mthopeperu.com 


Mount Hope Cemetery has served the people of Peru since 1845, by offering the following advantages:
  • City Police patrolled
  • Decorations may stay at the gravesites year around when left on the foundation or marker
  • Use any style stone monument, upright or ground level, within the monument row
  • Beautiful landscaping
  • Perpetual care
  • Modern on site Chapel
  • Competitive prices with option of one-year pre-need payment plan, no sales tax or interest applied
  • Genealogy searches
  • Maps
  • Baby section
  • Free consultations and tours     - Founding Fathers, Veterans, Circus
  • A great walking path
  • Pet cemetery
  • Monument sales
  • Cremation section
  • Grief Recovery Support Group



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